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Positions for the 2014 season (27th June- 27th July) are now open.
Prospective volunteers are invited to register their interest as soon as possible


Last update: 09/04//2014

The 2014 orientation pack will be issued in the next few weeks,
(please refer to the 2013 pack for general information)


Everill, P. (ed) 2014.
Nokalakevi Tsikhegoji Archaeopolis: Archaeological excavations 2001-10. Anglo-Georgian Expedition to Nokalakevi.
BAR International Series 2612. Oxford, Archaeopress.















  • How the expedition works
  • Our practice

The expedition is a professional research excavation, which provides archaeological training for both international and Georgian archaeology students.
AGEN is a not for profit organisation that administers the British end of the annual fieldwork at Nokalakevi. All our staff are volunteers who give their time for free. Its directors work closely with the Georgian staff of the National Museum to organise and help fund the ongoing, annual fieldwork at the site and related pre- and post-excavation work.

The expedition is headed predominantly by archaeologists who have extensive rural and urban fieldwork experience; They have excavated nationally (UK) and internationally so covering a diverse number of cultures within a wide chronological frame. Our single context recording methodology has been carefully constructed to maximise the amount of information through excavation and can be seen in the orientation pack.

With each subsequent season, we aim to draw upon as many specialisations available to us in order to more effectively study the site of Nokalakevi. Our goal is to attract specialists and expand research interest in the area and employ the expertise to carry out a wide variety of science and arts based archaeological disciplines. We have addressed a number of objectives including topographical, archaeological and GPS surveys. We are conducting a full ceramic analysis, and making good progress with paleobotanical and zoological analyses and even experimental archaeology.






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